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Our Mission

AICANS mission is to help radiologists to fight cancer and get a better guidance. Aican helps radiologists to make their work better and more efficient by providing them with cutting edge software solutions by several SaaS solutions based on the latest AI technology.

Meet our team


Martin Heidrich - Co-Founder 

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Feng Wang - Co-Founder 

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Lustige Präsentation


At Aican, our team represents a diverse group of dedicated professionals driven to create innovative solutions together. Each member brings unique skills and perspectives, ensuring that collectively, we meet the highest standards.

Our collaboration is built on trust, openness, and a shared goal: exceeding our customers' expectations. With experts from various fields, we foster a dynamic environment where creativity and efficiency go hand in hand. We value the diversity of talents and consistently promote a positive team culture that encourages innovation.

At Aican, we believe that each team member can make a valuable contribution. Through regular communication, clear exchange of ideas, and shared objectives, we strengthen our collaboration and enhance our team's performance. At Aican, we take pride in being not just a company but a family that grows and succeeds together.

Join our team at Aican, where your skills are valued, and you have the opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment. We look forward to shaping the future together and achieving outstanding successes.

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