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Image by National Cancer Institute

Why Whole-Body MRI Scans

Cancer metastasis is the major cause of cancer morbidity and mortality, and accounts for about 90% of cancer deaths.

Early detection is crucial to increase the survival rate.  When the cancer is diagnosed as stage 1, the 5 year survival rate is 97%, but at stage 4, the survival rate is dropped to 25% only. 

Although whole body MRI scan is proven to be the most effective way to detect cancer metastasis for early treatment, the doctors are not offering this solution to the patients due to time and budget constraints.


How AICAN can help to overcome this

AICAN aims to reduce the time and costs for the procedure or Whole-Body MRI scans. So that the patients can afford this treatment in the future and the Radiologist hast more time to talk to the patient due to diagnosis suggestions.

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